The On-Hold Company USA, Inc.
Welcome to The On-Hold Company USA. We hope that you will select us as your on-hold provider and as you explore your on-hold options please consider the following:
On-Hold Programming is Cost Effective Marketing

Businesses using on-hold programming have fewer customer hang ups and itís no wonder -- none of us like to be put on-hold. Itís even worse when you think youíve been disconnected or forgotten. The use of music and messages on-hold not only assures callers they havenít been forgotten, but itís a cost effective way to communicate the advantages of doing business with you.

Your on-hold program can answer frequently asked questions like your location or business hours, it can tell existing customers about products and service you offer which they might not be aware of, and most importantly itís a chance to sell callers on choosing you over your competitors.

The On-Hold Company in audio:   

Who are we?

On-Hold Company USA, Inc.
was founded in 1997 by veteran
broadcaster Bob Barnes.
Located in the Tampa Bay area we
provide on-hold programming.

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What do we do?

The On-Hold Company
USA specializes in
on-hold programming,
but provides all forms of
audio production.

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When to upgrade?

When your playback unit
is no longer dependable or
youíre not happy with the
sound is the time for an
equipment upgrade!

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What do your callers hear?
Phone Face
What annoys you the most when put on-hold, silence or a beep at regular intervals? Donít subject your callers to the same thing.
Before deciding to use the radio or a CD player for on-hold audio, remember that it is not legal, the music is not licensed for such use.
Update your program regularly: you donít want your caller to hear the exact same messages, talents and music that they have heard for years.
Limit the number of messages in rotation. Every time a caller hears a less important message, it means they are not hearing the most important information.
When creating content keep in mind your program is directed to customers and potential customers. Make sure music and messages are geared to them.